Due Dates


(Blue = Drama;  Green = Eng 12A;  Red = ELA  )


Due Thursday, October 20): Infinitive Phrases 2 (See Teacher for copy)

(Due Tuesday, October 18): Appositive Phrases

(Due Friday, October 14): The Preference Argument

(Due Thursday, October 6): gerund-and-participle-phrases

(Due Friday, October 4): Prior Knowledge #2: Reading is Good for Your Health

(Due Thursday, September 29): Infinitive Phrase Homework

(Due Friday, September 23): Prior Knowledge #1 – National Anthem Protest

(Due Friday, September 16): Gerund Phrases

(Due Friday, September 16): Memoir: Moment in Time essay

(Due Tuesday, September 13 in class): Slip or Trip

(Due Wednesday, September 7): Who Am I? paper

(Due Tuesday, September 6): “You Don’t Know How It Feels to Be Me” paper

(Due Thursday, September 1): Participial Phrases

(Due Wednesday, August 31): Mime Exercise Plan Write Up (done in class)





















(Due Monday, May 23):  – Final Trimester Paper – Final Draft

(Due Tuesday, May 17):  – Final Trimester Paper – Rough Draft

(Due Tuesday, May 10):  – Final Trimester Paper – 6 Rhetorical Precis

(Due Monday, May 3):   – Final Trimester Paper – Paragraph of Intent

(Due Friday, April 29): Wuthering Heights Suffering Argument Paper

(Due Monday, April 25): Adverb Clauses 2

(Due Wednesday, April 20):  Adverb Clauses

(Due Thursday, April 14): Flag Design

(Due Friday, April 1): Prior Knowledge #2 – The Blackfish Effect

(Due Wednesday, March 30): Adjective Clauses 2

(Due Wednesday, March 23): Prior Knowledge #1 – U.S. vs Apple

(Due Thursday, March 17): Adjective Clauses

(Due Thursday, March 17): “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” paper















(Due Thursday, February 4): Phrase Review 

(Due Friday, January 29): Cather in the Rye WebQuest

(Due Thursday, January 28): Angela’s Ashes Prior Knowledge Project

(Due Wednesday, January 27): Infinitive Phrase

(Due Wednesday, January 27): Monologue Assignment: Pick a Script

(Due Wednesday, January 13): Preference Argument

(Due Tuesday, January 12): Prior Knowledge #5: Drug Prices

(Due Friday, January 8): Radio Play Final Scripts with Sound Effects

(Due Thursday, January 7): Gerund Phrases

(Due Wednesday, January 6): Print Ad Arguments

(Due Tuesday, January 5): The Podcast: Survey Questions

(Due Friday, December 18): Joy Luck Club Prompt: Misunderstanding

(Due Friday, December 18): Prior Knowledge #3: Redskins

(Due Friday, December 18): Memoir: Moment in Time paper

(Due Thursday, December 17): Things They Carried Webquest #1

(Due Friday, December 11): Prior Knowledge #1: 4 Pro-Gun Arguments

(Due Wednesday, December 9): Mime Exercise

(Due Tuesday, December 8): Who Am I?

(Due Tuesday, December 8): Prior Knowlege #1: 4 Pro-Gun Arguments

(Due Thursday, December 3): Participial Phrases

(Due Thursday, December 3): “You Don’t Know How It Feels To Be Me” prompt

(Due Thursday, December 3):Boy, You’re Gonna Carry That Weight” prompt











(Due Friday, November 13): Semi Research Paper

(Due Friday, November 13):  Semi Research Paper

(Due Tuesday, October 27): Prior Knowledge #3: Drug Prices

(Due Friday, October 23): AA Prior Knowledge Research

(Due Tuesday, October 19): 500 Prompts Freebie Writing Day

(Due Friday, October 16): Preference Argument(ELA)

(Due Tuesday, October 13): Phrase Review

(Due Tuesday, October 13): Preference Argument (Eng12)

(Due Friday, October 9): Prior Knowledge #2

(Due Thursday, October 8): Sentence Parts

(Due Thursday, October 8): Infinitive Phrase Homework

(Due Thursday, October 8): Prior Knowledge #2

(Due Friday, October 2): Prior Knowledge Paper #1

(Due Wednesday, September 30): Sentence Part Quiz

(Due Tuesday, September 29): Print Ad Argument

(Due Tuesday, September 29): Prior Knowledge Paper #1

(Due Thursday, September 23): Gerund Phrases

(Due Thursday, September 23): Subject/Verb Exercise

(Due Tuesday, September 22): Slip or Trip Argument

(Due Tuesday, September 22): Memoir: A Moment in Time (Rough Draft)

(Due Tuesday, September 22): Memoir: A Moment in Time (Rough Draft)

(Due Monday, September 21): Commerical Scripts

(Due Wednesday, September 16): Mime Exercise

(Due Monday, September 14): Who am I? (1pg)

(Due Monday, September 14): Participial Phrases

(Due Monday, September 14): “You Don’t Know How It Feels” essay

(Due Monday, September 14): “I Get Knocked Down” essay